Dieting without detoxing is not helpful.
Your body detoxes when you rest your digestive system and allow your body to begin to use fat as fuel; a process called ketosis.


You have 2 options here:


  1. Day 1 is preparation day to begin Forever Living Clean 9 course. 


 Cost R2000 and  $200 USD for overseas clients.


In your kit you will receive:

2 Aloe Vera Drinking Gels –   Aloe is so healing and calming for the   body 

9 packets of fibre

Forever Therm to boost your metabolism  and Garcinia Plus 

Natural appetite suppressor that stimulates the use of fat as fuel 

A tape measure

A shaker 

Instruction booklet.


2.  Day 1 preparation day to begin a detox program tailor-made for you.

Cost R1500 and $150 USD for overseas clients.

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