Hello,  I am June

I am a Natural Health Food and Lifestyle Consultant.

I am passionate about nutrition and a firm believer that a good physical and mental health are directly impacted by the food we consume and the way we deal with our emotions.

In 2009, I was faced with the suffering and death of my mother due to cancer. I had just turned 60 and my mother was in her 80’s – Is this my future as I age? Must I expect to suffer from an illness? I asked.

I began intentionally to consider my own health and within months, embarked on Mary-Ann Shearer’s ‘100 days to perfect health’. At the end of the course, I had far more energy, lost excess weight and gained an understanding that the body can heal itself with the correct nutrition.

Hippocrates, known as father of medicine, in 5th Century said: ”Let food be your medicine.”

This stimulated me to study further and after completing the Natural Health Certificate Course as well as Dr T Colin Campbell’s Plant-based Nutrition Course, I believe that the chronically ill may recover their health by changing their food choices.

My passion is to promote healing and health by drawing attention to the impact of our food choices and thoughts on the body, and offer guidelines towards a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s look at which foods stress your system and which promote healing and energy and learn the importance of body and blood pH to sustain health.