Inner Healing

Do you have recurring nightmares?  Struggle with overweight issues?

Too much stress in your life? Then it is time to deal with childhood trauma

in the recesses of your unconscious mind.

One session can offer a life-changing breakthrough.


Sessions 90-120min

Group Presentations

Corporate or small group health presentatio

I offer your company or group talks on the following topics:

Alleviating Anxiety and Fear,

Good Food Choices for Optimum Immune Health (no absenteeism/sick leave)

Increase your Intelligence through Good Food Choices

Reverse Cognitive Decline … lest we forget!

One to One

One-to-one consulting

40 – days coached transition to healthier lifestyle

Transitioning to a eating plan compatible with our blood pH and learning to love ourselves!

 40 days as you know is a time of transition and I promise you it will not feel like 40 years in the desert!  Take a moment and visualize what it will feel like to have a spring in your step and feel empowered to do whatever God calls you!! And no fear of Covid 19 or any other disease.   

Permanent Weight-Loss

10-day detox for permanent weight-loss

Dieting without detoxing is not helpful.   Your body detoxes when you rest your digestive system and allow your body to begin to use fat as fuel; a process called ketosis.

Rife Frequency

The Rife Resonator is a machine that generates electro-magnetic frequencies, which are relayed through the body

The RIFE frequencies can be used in the treatment of many conditions, such as: arthritis, influenza, bronchitis, tonsillitis, shingles, candidiasis, fibrositis, chronic fatigue syndrome, glandular fever, cellulitis, sports injuries and many other acute and chronic diseases.

Not only are viruses and other pathogens destroyed, but also damaged tissues are detoxified and regenerated and stress is reduced [reactive treatment]. RIFE therapy can therefore also be used to enhance general health and prevent illness [prophylactic treatment].

Independent distributor of Forever Living Aloe & Bee products

Aloe vera has powerful benefits that help you look better and feel better inside and out. We create our high-quality, IASC certified aloe products using inner leaf aloe vera gel that’s hand filleted and processed within hours of harvesting, so you get aloe as nature intended.


You can order any of their products directly from me


Independent distributor of

AIM Products

Improve your health with the use of AIM’s high-quality dietary supplements and nutritional concentrates. AIM is Nutrition That Works!

Made up of 37.2 trillion cells, your body continuously balances internal conditions to keep you functioning in good health. Supplementing with natural products from AIM can help to fuel whole-body balance.

Life and health are the balanced interaction of all body cells. Cells group to form organs, tissue, bone, and other parts that make up our physical being. Each individual cell consumes fuel, produces energy and eliminates waste. When given the necessary components of the Healthy Cell Concept – our body, in the totality of its cells, can maintain a perfect balance of life and health. AIM products work naturally to help fulfil The Healthy Cell Concept